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Welcome to WE WORK IN SPORT, the iWorkinSport community. 

At iWorkinSport, we connect employers, talent, academia and service providers
in the sports industry. 

Here, more than connecting, we would like to give voice to all of you, so that, together, WE can all help each other grow and succeed in our sports journey

This is the place to share and discuss all things sports business and to network. Join to easily chat or message other members of the group (even when they are not a connection yet!) Ask questions, share experiences and more.

Why You Should Join Us

We Work In Sport is the exclusive community for those who have a passion for the business of sport, and would like, at the same time, to learn from striving professionals, as well as to help others to achieve success in their careers.

This is a place to get and share advice, test your business ideas, do market research, possibly find professional collaborators and/or business partners, and more.

Access is FREE but restricted to members who show that they can contribute for the improvement of the whole community. 

Premium membership

Premium members have additional benefits.
You'll have access to exclusive lectures and live interactive interviews with recruiters from the most important sports organisations in the world.

In addition to accessing an exclusive platform to connect with other thoughtful professionals, Premium members also receive special deals and discounts from some of the best companies in the market, and thus helping you strive in your own career. 

Get more than €500 in discounts from iWorkinSport and our partners!

A Big Thanks

A big thanks to our partners who help us add value to our premium members: iSportLearn, Off The Pitch, Soccerex, SportBusiness, SportsPro Media, ThinkSport, World Football Summit.

Also thanks to the iWorkinSport Academic Partners: CIES, FIFA Master (Gold Partners), AISTS, ESBS, Johan Cruyff Institute, University of Liverpool.